Pura Vida

18 Jul

Been waking up before the sun
To keep it company as it rises
And staying close beside it
As it hides away
Beyond the cliffs of paradise

A simple,
Kind of life
Where my alarm clock has come to die
And where my laugh
Seems to resonate

A place for jumping off waterfalls
For swimming with a school of bright colored fish
For swinging in hammocks
And picking flowers to wear on my hair
For speaking my native tongue
And re-training my brain
To speak in that beautiful Latin rhythm

The days are slow
The peacefulness alive
Pura Vida
This pure kind of life.


10 Jul

A cold hard stare
At her reflection on the bus’ window
And I swear,
Sometimes I don’t know who she is

I make her give me a half smile
So the corners of her mouth don’t curve downwards
As they naturally do,
So she doesn’t look as if she’s frowning to the world-
Her brother once told her that
And she’s been smirking and half smiling since
All because she believes
In always presenting your best.

When they see her,
She wants them to see her smiling

Perhaps then
They won’t catch a glimpse of
The fragile creature
The sensitive soul
She hides inside
As she dies inside

Who are you?
I keep staring at her as I ask


I don’t even recognize my own reflection

Feeling my tired eyes
My tired heart
I see her sitting there,
Staring back at me
Perfect on the outside
Half-smiling as if everything is alright
And I’m almost convinced it is;
One look at her
And you’d believe it too.





3 Jul

Woke up and felt like writing

Was just sitting here,


By thoughts and love notes

Scribbled on notepad paper

During work, while riding on public transportation…


What makes you want to breathe?

And then,

Breathe again?

If you’re passionate for what you do,

How did this passion begin?

And can you help me spark mine?


Positive to a fault

I’ll never say I’ve hit rock bottom

But I have nothing left to lose

All that’s left to do is choose

The path my life will take next


So what makes you want to breathe?

And then,

Breathe again?

Because sometimes

I just want to exhale it all out

And call it a day,

Forget of the wasted time

and all my tragic mistakes


Finally following my heart

But I’m without compus

Unsure of where I’m going

Or where I’ll end up;

But if I could find a passion,

My life’s oxygen

I’d no longer have to fear

Running out of the desire to breathe

And then,

Breathe again

Without a final exhale

Without settling

for a mediocre,


sort of life.





Glowing Giants

2 Jul

Oh babe,

we’re nothing but stardust

shaped of atoms and stars

Our fingers, interlaced

Leaving their trace

Imprints on my skin

My heart beat skips, I can’t breathe

My hands clucth the darkness beneath my feet

Until your light touches me

and I realize where I am


Glowing giants, that’s what we are

But you better believe

We’ll burn bright

Then explode

And fade away into infinity.


Summer Time

18 Jun

I could hear the sound of flowing water

And a melody of hundreds of crickets

Accompanied by chirping birds

And every now and then,

A barking dog for good measure


The sun had gone down into the horizon

It’s light lingering around the mountains

Cloaking them with a beautiful light

What I imagine peace would look like

If it could be seen


My bare legs craved the sun

And my toes fidgeted

Remembering once again the feeling of grass beneath them


The air crisp

Mountain fresh

And in the pale blue sky,

I counted only three clouds


I’ve been waiting for this day

For this moment

For you

Like a bride on her wedding night


Oh, Summer

You’re all mine.

Still Here

11 Jun

Everyone is searching for love

as if it’s the most important thing to own

And I’m here,


Trying to find pieces of myself


Some sort of direction

No sir, I’m not lost

Just wandering

Fulfilling my lust

For non-office jobs

With feathers in my hair

No plans

And the bus driver as my chauffeur


My life is an open book

A letter I ripped apart

When I suddenly realized I didn’t like how it sounded

I may not know where to start

But I’m still here



22 May

Here, inside my heart
Is a song
It’s full of whistles and drums
And happy voices singing in my native tongue
“Lalalalaia Lalalaiaaa.. “

These mountains are beautiful
But they don’t feel like home


I miss my ocean breeze
And the joy of having hot sand between the toes of my feet
I miss the smells and sounds of
My Brasil
My mother’s lap
My dad’s tight morning hugs
And seeing the sun rise each morning
Straight out of the ocean
As if gently emerging from its bath

I know I could live anywhere

The problem is,
I no longer belong


Citizen of the world
I no longer belong
even to me.