31 Oct

You’d get lost in her eyes,

pools of honey abound

the curve in her mouth

perfectly ready for touch


But then,

Innocence she tries to hide

Still a child inside

Unwilling to share you,
my treasure

but now he’s paralyzed,

Gaping at a face he’d come to memorize,
recall again and again

And still he forgets-

She’s soft, tender


No matter the faces he thinks he sees

This one

he hasn’t learned yet.



Would You?

29 Oct

Been wanting to write

but the subject is always the same lately-


That smile and eyes and mouth and lips and arms and hands and strength and embrace that makes me feel so small; so cared for.

I’d like to write about the sky, the mountains of this town, the falling leaves and autumn sun.. ┬ábut they don’t compare to the feelings you stir up inside of me

so I run away sometimes, afraid of this

Afraid of being too available that you stop chasing me-

Don’t want to keep running

but if I stay put,

Would you stay with me?

Elusive creatures are attractive for a reason

If you think you can have me,

Would you still want me?



22 Oct

Tell my conscience

to shut the fuck up

Give in to my heart

Stop fighting the need inside me

to stop.










You are not robot, I repeat.


And feel deeply, painfully, without borders or ends-

feel to infinity,

feel until the end

And then,

Feel again.


17 Oct

These shadows never danced
until you came along
ray of light
You make everything move
And these days,
you’ve stuck on me
hiding between words,
on the tip of my pen,
in every blank page I find

Words of my own?
I don’t need them to belong
I just need to feel
like this
with my head on your shoulder
inhaling your scent
feeling safe
As you try to undo the knots in my hair;

I like to joke and call you dad
But the truth is,
You’ve become my home,
My love.


With Me

16 Oct

You kissed me
And now your lips
are my muse
and mine
Yours to own

And when these lines got blurry
I could no longer keep you at a distance
So I pulled you close
resting my legs on your legs
and I let you see me;

Or whatever version of her I am today

But kiss me again
and then, once more
And if I run, run with me darling
Don’t try and hold me back;
But don’t go and run ahead of me-
If I hide, come seek me
Don’t overthink it
I say what I mean
I am who I seem
And I want you

with me.


12 Oct

Kept the shape of your body


on my sheets
so that,

when you left through the back door

I could still feel

you laying next to me.


6 Oct

Lemon haze and this creek
The sun’s heat on my naked skin
My limbs on the breathing earth
The cool breeze
a tease of the winter that’s to come.

Hush hush now,
Be who you be and worry not
about the “aren’ts”
The leaves whisper the name they’ve given me, and
With my head and body leaned against an old, wise tree
I sit
And I am still,