18 Aug

Reclined beneath a vast dark sky

I began to ask my questions to the night.

I begged for a revelation

And asked my heart to be spared this time;

I made promises to the stars and asked them for guidance

My heart beating in turmoil inside

Aching as it bent this way and that

Until suddenly and gently,

As if the night embraced me and whispered in my ear

It became clear

That all my tears and cries were given in vain

Because I’m healthy and loved

and my biggest concern is finding my life’s passion;

Fulfilling my still unknown destiny.

I felt silly complaining to the stars

So I thanked God for the life I have

I dried my tears

Read your goodnight text

And stood up to sleep in my warm queen size bed.

Pinot Grigio

14 Aug

Fill this plastic cup to the top
Pinot Grigio
Tipsy at work
What’s life for,
If you don’t have a little fun?

Sometimes rated R
No filter in my mouth
“Keep away from children”
I should’ve come with a label
I’m rocking my 20s
Don’t kill my vibe

Chasing the glow
Elusive creature
Bet you can’t catch me
But I’ll let you try
Yes, mister

Sylvan Esso in the stereo
Because I’m cool too
Wanting to wrap myself around you,
My sexiest blanket
If there ever was one
But the daily grind keeps you away
Thinking you need some more of me today to meet your daily quota of fun
Here baby, sip from my plastic cup
Pinot Grigio
No snakes in my hair but I’ll seduce ya
Devil in disguise
But I won’t fool ya
You get what you see
And what you get
is all of me.

10 O’clock Nights

14 Aug

Aching back and tired legs

I force my steps to follow the path they’ve learned to take;

Neither straight ahead nor too much to the left

In a criss-cross pattern

No destination in sight

Getting used to this motion,

My new life’s notion

But still missing the magic potion

The sense of purpose my steps once had.

At times,

On these 10’o clock nights

I like to tell myself this is the good life

That I’m living my purpose:

That of having none;

Of throwing caution to the wind and spending my days out in the sun

Supporting a farmer’s passion while wishing I could just find my own

But these darks skies tonight are hiding from lights

Sitting here on my solo bus ride

From my window seat,

Asking my destiny to the night

And as I start leading my feet back to the music house

I feel in the pit of my stomach, with every step

The empty spot in my heart

Where my sense of purpose and passion used to reside

This isn’t my forever, I know

Just wish I could distinguish what else there could ever be

Tired of explaining myself to total strangers;

Of coming up with reasons why happiness is worth more than money to me;

Of dealing with their logic;

My head’s had enough of it

And all that’s left

Is the thumping beat of my heart inside

So if you see

Me, tonight

Writing on my phone with tears in my eyes during this solo bus ride

Sit quietly beside me

Smile sweetly with your lips

Then tell me

Silently, using your eyes as words

That I’m doing the right thing

That I’m just fine

That here, in this bus seat

Surrounded by gifts from farmers and one beautiful, giant sunflower

Is exactly where I’m supposed to be

No more

No less

Just this

This night,

Like all my other 10 o’clock nights.

No Reason At All

12 Aug

You said: “Every woman deserves to get flowers”

Handing me a bouquet

For no reason at all

And that night, I stood back and watched you cook my favorite Spanish food

For no reason at all

Then you stood in my kitchen,

Gently holding my face between your strong hands and said “I just have to kiss you”

For no reason at all


I didn’t mind it. I don’t need a life of logic.

Been living in the moment, and as I woke up this morning,

I wished you were still here

watching shadows dance with me

For no reason at all.

Rooftop Crowd

9 Aug

I welcomed the shining rays of the sun
Undressing myself so the breeze could caress my body,
Whisper in my ear
Take away my fears
Until the light surrounding me
Turned my body golden
My hair lighter
And made me feel like me-
Barefeet beach town girl
Wet wavy hair, undone
Innocent and bare

In the air I could hear
What sounded like an army of voices
Low pitched and high,
foreign sometimes
Mixing with remakes of songs that were never cool
And now, suddenly hip
Playing in this rooftop pool
For this too-cool-to-care-to-be-cool crowd
And in my mountain town,
With my market and bus rides
I had almost forgotten
That somehow,
By some miracle of God
Or cruel act of life,
I belong here with this crowd
In this town
of angels and devils alike.


7 Aug

Watching shadows dance

My bare body against yours

Feeling your warmth as I taste your lips

Oh, these are all my new favorite things


I want to know your story

Your dreams and plans;

Want to hear your heart whisper my name

See your eyes look into me, burning right through my skin

as if I’m a fallen angel

Sent here just for this moment,

and all the others we’ll have

Laying here,


Biting your skin

Feeling the weight of your body on mine

While shadows dance,

and dance,

and danceā€¦




This Bed

4 Aug

Trying to keep my distance
But without even thinking,
I start wrapping my body around you
This bed is too big
Don’t need all this space
Darling, I don’t listen to what others say
Can’t help but feel what I feel
And what I feel is right.

Lay beside me
Caress my body
As if it’s a treasure you’ve just discovered
As you tell me a bedtime story
Because inside,
I’m still a child
And I need your tenderness
Your laugh on my neck
And all your silences;
Need to feel your chest rise and fall
Your warmth on my back
Your smile on my lips
Your legs wrapped with mine;

Because this bed is too big
And no darling,
I don’t need all this space.