Ray of Light

29 Aug

Lets get lost

I’ll find myself, in you

Nestled in your arms

Here is heaven on earth

My very own paradise

One, two times


Don’t leave

I’m starting to need your goodnight kiss

These shadows only dance for you, you see?

Ray of light

I want to teach you things

Let you in

Until we’re so entangled I can’t tell

where you end

and where I,





Sleeping Lion

28 Aug

Devil eyes

Devil lips

You make me miss my street

Think you can just come back and barge in

No darling,

I’m a stronger woman than the one you knew back then

I may still run away

But it’s by choice this time

I’ve got a voice

that’s grown from whispers of stay

And you may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

But you forget that beneath my fragile heart

lies a sleeping lion

Poor you, you’ve awaken my wrath

So go on and play predator,

I just won’t stand here and become your prey

Not today

Not again


So devour me with your eyes all you will

And lick your lips when I pass by

Anticipating your pounce as you smell my scent

Enjoy it, darling

Please do, my wolf

Because desiring is all you’ll get tonight.

On my way back to my lair to lay myself down in peace

Content in knowing that what I used to want

I no longer desire for at all;

Because today’s the day when wolves fall prey to lions; 

When the prey becomes predator;

When I’m strong enough to walk away from your empty words and advances

And promises of  love that will never fully awaken.


So if I stand beside you

Just know dear

That among the wolves

Lies a sleeping lion. 


26 Aug


The best one I ever had

My cuddle bug

You’d walk into my room just to give me a kiss

No words said

You never needed them

and neither did I;

Oh, those small gifts of love you always gave!

I would try to reciprocate

with baked goods and movie nights

and turning mundane things like flossing at bedtime into a party

Because you were a child then

and though not by years,

so was I

So am I, still.


Maybe you weren’t planned,

But you were everything we ever needed in our racuous crazy family

A breath of silence and understanding

That hug that lingers just enough to let us know that we’re all going to be alright.

Yes, you read our hearts and mind

and now no doctors can read yours

But baby brother, I can’t stand to lose you

without losing myself. 

So place your arms aroud life’s neck like you did with ours

And hold on until everything is alright again

Because it will be

Everything is

As long as your arms are wrapped around it, hanging tight. 




All I Know

25 Aug


Lying in bed

With my head hanging

upside down

Listening to sad songs

Because there are all these words

Here in my heart

That I don’t know just how to say


If I knew how to be selfish

I’d never let you go

I love you so

But love is not enough

And that’s all I know.



Back in May

22 Aug

One evening in May, I sat watching time go by in my favorite bus seat- the one towards the back of the bus between a window and the back door, so I never feel like I’m missing anything.

That day, back in May, my head wished for you and my heart longed right along. I didn’t know your name and I couldn’t see your face, but I knew who you were- kind, gentle but fun, honest and strong, a shining beam of light  to infiltrate my life suddenly, inundate every part of my being so that the me I knew then would never quite be the same me again.

Back in May, I didn’t know I’d have you today. So I sat and thought of you, feeling my heart missing someone I felt like I knew.

It’s no surprise then, that I feel the way I do about you today.

For you see, I’ve known you since way back in May. 


18 Aug

Reclined beneath a vast dark sky

I began to ask my questions to the night.

I begged for a revelation

And asked my heart to be spared this time;

I made promises to the stars and asked them for guidance

My heart beating in turmoil inside

Aching as it bent this way and that

Until suddenly and gently,

As if the night embraced me and whispered in my ear

It became clear

That all my tears and cries were given in vain

Because I’m healthy and loved

and my biggest concern is finding my life’s passion;

Fulfilling my still unknown destiny.

I felt silly complaining to the stars

So I thanked God for the life I have

I dried my tears

Read your goodnight text

And stood up to sleep in my warm queen size bed.

Pinot Grigio

14 Aug

Fill this plastic cup to the top
Pinot Grigio
Tipsy at work
What’s life for,
If you don’t have a little fun?

Sometimes rated R
No filter in my mouth
“Keep away from children”
I should’ve come with a label
I’m rocking my 20s
Don’t kill my vibe

Chasing the glow
Elusive creature
Bet you can’t catch me
But I’ll let you try
Yes, mister

Sylvan Esso in the stereo
Because I’m cool too
Wanting to wrap myself around you,
My sexiest blanket
If there ever was one
But the daily grind keeps you away
Thinking you need some more of me today to meet your daily quota of fun
Here baby, sip from my plastic cup
Pinot Grigio
No snakes in my hair but I’ll seduce ya
Devil in disguise
But I won’t fool ya
You get what you see
And what you get
is all of me.