Sometimes Hank woke up with tears in his eyes. But he could never understand why.

For most days, Hank got out of bed with a pep in his step, or at the very least a fair amount of determination to get him there.

This made the days of tears very strange for Hank. Although he had enough of them by now to know that he couldn’t shake tears that were already there.

But how do you release them when  you have no idea what you’re crying for? or is it over?

If for no specific reason, then for what?

For the weight of the days that accumulate with each 9-5er we live through, at times whistling and others half smiling, half dead?

For the fact that we have no idea what we’re doing here and we can’t be sure that life isn’t just one big joke?

“But that’s more scary than sad,” thought Hank.

So he got out of the bed, slammed some doors and pans, and made himself a plate of banana pancakes.


two halves can’t make a whole

I was still breaking when you met me

maybe that’s why you never let yourself fall,

maybe that’s why seeing her lips kissing his

was more important than keeping yours on mine,

maybe that’s why you even liked me at the beginning:

A woman with substance.

You knew I would never just

stay on the surface,

that I had way too many words to gift.


But you were also breaking and didn’t know it

because you never stood still long enough to notice

your seams coming apart

maybe you liked me because I helped you stop,

taught you to listen to the words between the silences

but isn’t it funny how sometimes when you stop

you also start to walk away?

all of a sudden you had a list of all your to-do’s

and I wasn’t a part of them

An abyss opened up between us

and only then did we notice

how far away we had drifted

from the kind of love

we both deserved.




and if you forget, I’ll remind you

remind yourself that you are worthy

remind yourself every single day that

not everyone deserves to receive the

kind of love you have to give

remind yourself how hard you worked to

not feel lonely when you’re alone

and also how lonely you felt when

they gifted you hands instead of

an open heart,

when they inhaled you in

for only a moment

afraid of the responsibility of

holding your force in their lungs

remind yourself that you’re a beautiful storm

and those that don’t learn to dance in your love

will always be blown away

remind yourself of how many chances you’ve given

to the broken and afraid and of how

you being whole led them to run away-

they don’t feel needed when you’re complete

so remind yourself it’s good

when the weak ones leave

and remember, always:

you don’t need another half

just someone to match

the size of your heart and

the strength of your love.