and you?

been spending more time than usual

listening to the familiar,

coming home to myself,

healing the scabs instead of picking at them;

been keeping my words on lips

and lined pages,  been investing

in the power of my lungs and strength

of my heart;

been keeping my tears safe

and my mind wild,

been living the love I have yet to have

and holding on to the hope that everything that’s been

just precedes even better days.


one second to make an impression

Online dating just isn’t for me.

I swipe left so much I feel like I’m turning back time.







Jake again,

a guy with a dog,

a guy with a beard,

most of them with both…


too many faces with no soul.


I need eye-to-eye contact, I need to see his hands shake a little bit; I need to hear the sound of his laugh and how high pitched his voice gets when he’s excited about something;

I need to see his shoes and smell the scent on his neck when we say goodbye

and I need him to see me,

not just another picture on a screen.


But that’s what you get these days: one second to make an impression

on the world wide web.


Online dating just isn’t for me.


I’d rather stay real and single than waste my time

with another online profile.


we’re in this together

what do they know

about living life without insurance

without a guarantee that things will

eventually fall together

instead of just falling apart

why can’t they find the humor we see

in a savings account and

what a saving grace that indeed would be


but we don’t get security

we get pray the pain away

keep the tears in

because we have to fight another day

They can’t see it

but for us, life is a battle

there’s a silent sadness we carry

between the lottery tickets and cash for a week’s

worth of groceries we try to keep stashed

in our wallet of hope.