At Last

Play this, then read:

Here I am again

In the place where all it takes is a song

To bring me back to you.

I’m slowly starting to realize

that when night falls,

You’re the last one I want to give a bit of myself to

And the first one I want to see

when morning comes,

Before I give myself to you again.

Like the beginning of every new thing

I keep my distance, let you breathe

but now when I see you I want to binge

Drown myself in you,

In the smell of your skin.

it’s never enough

even if momentarily satisfied

I always want more

Until the sun finds us together

Then I’ll give in to sleep,

Fall into your arms just to find you again in my dreams.

I absolve myself of any and all blame,

It’s your fault that I feel this way-

Recall the flowers, the phone calls,

the sweet words you whispered, the laughs,

and culinary adventures,

The tears you heard spilled and the words you didn’t say

When you kissed my forehead

and just held my hand.

So here I am,

and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else

Than here with you

making love by the window,

dancing on this kitchen floor,

forgetting the past

And swirling big cups of wine by candlelight together,

As we cheer to the future and move forward

At last.

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