Princes, Damsels and Dragons

Love is about choices.

Although most fairytales are just that- tales about un-existing things, they do hold one element of truth to them: no one ends up with someone they love without first making a choice to fight for them. The Beast must fight against his own nature in order to let Belle into his secrets, and the countless other princes must choose to either fight the dragon or have no damsel. There is no love without a fight, no love without sacrifice.

But even if a prince chooses to fight, we damsels must still allow ourselves the chance to be loved. We can’t just lock ourselves up in the highest tower . We can’t promise to never fall in love again because it hurt so much the last time we had a coward for a prince. We also can’t keep loving the prince who didn’t fight for us forever. We can’t keep seeing the past selectively, reminiscing only about the good and forgetting all the bad. Because in fact, the prince we sometimes thought we had, turned out to be just another coward from up the street.

So as princes line up to fight our battles, to return our slippers and slay our dragons, choose to love, as they have chosen to fight for you. Get down from the tower and remember that the next time someone throws your heart on the floor, with the broken pieces made of glass, you have the power to cut them back.

And no matter what, settle for no less than the prince who will fight your dragons. The prince who will choose to love you, no matter the size of the battle or the height of the tower.


3 thoughts on “Princes, Damsels and Dragons

  1. I hate it that princesses need princes, but we do. I hate it that some princes turn out to be hobos, but they do. I hate it that we let the hobos make us think we are not princesses, but we do.

    I love that you are beautiful, and that you still believe i princes who fight dragons. 🙂

    Te amo.

  2. I loved it! The thing is that courageous princes are needed in order to reach the damsel in distress and many times damsels settle for the cowardly prince (even though he might look courageous) that breaks the heart but are great at picking up the pieces and without an afterthought will break it again. Damsels, please do not settle for the cowardly prince but fight for the one who will be courageous enough to climb up your hair, because there are no stairs and love always hurts but it also supports all things.

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