It’s friday, I’m in love

Sometimes you have to be uncertain about everything in life. A new relationship, a new job, your pending degree, your future career, the places where you should stay and those where you should go… Life is uncertain. Every little thing cannot be planned and thought out. Surprises happen, and sometimes things fall neatly into place simply because you were at the right place, at the right time and with an open mind to accept change.

Today is a good day. It is one of those days when the worries of my life have dissipated. One of those days where the dreams that were being suffocated by logic and reason are once again bright and shiny and not afraid to take center stage in my life.

Like Paulo Coelho said: “The Universe conspires in your favor”

Today it conspired for me.

And I’m grateful and glad, that sometimes things really do just fall neatly into place- regardless of my strength (which Lord knows is so shaky these days) and doubts (which have also been abundant).

So I’ve made plans to make no more plans and live my days one at a time.

“Friday I’m in Love” The Cure


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