Burning House

Not that I keep a suitcase ready under my bed, or that I have an irrational fear of my house catching on fire, but I found this  website today and got inspired.

These are the things I would grab if I ever needed to leave my house in an emergency:

Thing I could, but would not want, to live without

– “Le Petit Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: It is my absolute favorite book, this particular one a vintage french copy given to me by my parents when I first started taking french in high school. My mother also used to read this book to me when I was growing up in Brazil.

– Vintage Chanel purse

– Macbook Pro: For all the photos and music

– Mars at Venus studded leather jacket

– Iphone

– Chambray long sleeve shirt

– Red plaid dress: I used to have a similar one that was my favorite growing up, so this dress always reminds me of my childhood

– Monsieur Le Frog: stuffed animal given to me by my two younger brothers on Christmas three years ago and who keeps me company when I sleep

– Antique gold wristwatch: I found this beauty at a random antique store in Bulgaria last year. I love the fact that it says “Made in the USSR” on its face

– Carla Danelli studded leather oxfords: I found these gems at a random boutique in Buenos Aires (which happens to be the city where I was born).

– My leather bound red journal

– Navy blue scarf: another one of those items I always find myself wearing after having bought it in a flea market in Florence

 What would you grab? 

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