I once had a dream

of rain falling upwards, towards a clear sky

I saw the rainbow inverted, its hues muted

Surround by clouds that moved up and down

I reached for a flower but was handed a heavy book instead,

so I sunk to the grass and looked at the pages in dismay

Only to find pictures of all sorts of faces, smiling and crying

the fragility of all human race in my hands

I traced the lines, the furrowed brows and curved smiles

until I found in each of those faces a piece of my own-

still, puzzled, wondering about the future

That was when one of the faces reminded me I belonged on that grass,

surrounded by inverted rainbows and upwards falling rain

Because I chose to dream

I nodded then heard myself whisper:

To fail to imagine life differently

is to allow the end to begin.

Categories Poetry

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