Comfortably dark

I wrap myself in the night’s mystery, its secrets

Light is revealing

And at times I feel the need to be deceived,

To hide in my head and stay there for a while,

Realize that there is no “real world” and that

Nothing is more real than my thoughts, my dreams

I speak with the only words I know how

Keeping secrets sometimes I let out, unexpectedly,

Undressing another layer of me you didn’t know existed

Distant glances hold thoughts so overwhelming sometimes I can’t even explain

But in my eyes you’ll find my words

Those my brain can’t string together and my lips fail to spell out

Thoughts sometimes belong only to the thinker

And I like to hear myself think new ideas,

To explore my mind and find that I’m always changing, evolving, growing

To find that I’m never the same,

Never linear,

But a conglomeration of thoughts and ideas that are never as clear as the world wants them to be.

I like me this way,

Neither black nor white,

Nor a shade of gray

But a bright yellow and neon pink, mixed with a million of other colors in between.

Categories Poetry

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