Both of us

“You smoke?” She asked, somewhat excited yet not surprised. I nodded. “Why didn’t you tell me?” Now she was incredulous, as if thinking of the many missed moments we could’ve had if only I had told her. “It’s not necessarily something you go around announcing,” I replied. “Yeah,” she said half laughing, half talking, letting out a sound of relief.

I knew then we’d become good friends. If we hadn’t already.

Both of us slowly left behind notions of what everyone back in our home country expected us to be. Both good girls and hidden rebels, both dangerous and kind. Both impatient, though I much more than she. Both loud when necessary, nonjudgmental, hardworking and with a laissez-faire view on life. Both smart, though some stupid decisions have been made between the both of us. But we don’t regret them, we hide them in our treasure box of life and every once in a while, pull them out and smile at everything we never thought we would do.

Categories Poetry

3 thoughts on “Both of us

  1. You smoke?


    1. uma historia de um tempooo atras..


      1. Vc me conta pessoalmente então…i love your stories..


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