One Frame


If there is a magic ball

Then let us find it now

In this pivotal time of our lives

The exciting, surprising future

that smacked us in the face of financial turmoil and terrorist wars

We’ve had enough surprises,

Enough adventures we never thought we’d outlive.

Give me the full perfect view of a golden future

Casted in iron and bronze

Shining as pilars of a decade of hate,

of shootings, of babies found in trash cans,

of murderers gone free and the innocent locked up,

in a prison of iron and barbed wire,

predictable and scared little children of parents who cared too much,

parents who cared too little

and those we never even had a chance to meet.

The future made by the broken who constantly try to appear whole

Now and then we catch a glimpse of their fears,


and ever lasting jealousy of everything they don’t own.

But if you touch it, it bounces back

because it’s alive,

it’s breathing,

and it will overcome,

it will not be what you predicted

Because that was just too predictable

to the army of revolutionaries

who read by candlelight and stay up late

to see their words shout at them in big, bold letters:

you’re not a failure

It’ll all be ok

Just have to make it one more day

Their words carrying them over

into a life of unmaid beds

and microwave ovens

The amazing and sad of all humanity

caught in one frame.

Categories Poetry

1 thought on “One Frame

  1. Always readin’ your stuff…love you!



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