Take Me Back

I would have liked to stand in with the masses,

hand in hand with hope in my eyes

see the world change before me

as if a wave washed over the entire country

Revolutionaries in our own right

conditioned by the Dadas, surrealist and pop artists of past times

not afraid to mix our colors,

to change the perception of beauty,

to make a little noise and say more than they thought we ought to

I don’t want to belong to a generation

of cold computer screens and headphones that never come off

of  solitude and cold eyes

of fear to love unconditionally,

to live a simple life

So take me back to the streets of revolutionaries

clad in turtle necks and bell bottom jeans,

carrying in their pockets only love, hope and a dream

I belong with them, happy in my own rose colored glasses,

chanting in unison with a hundred others:

“and the world will be as one”

Categories Poetry

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