Two bags of groceries and 65 dollars later, I am handed a game board and a number of stickers hidden behind little pieces of paper.  I unload all the groceries on the counter and read the rules: Up to 50 thousand dollars in prizes! Buy groceries, collect the stickers, complete a board, and win!

I go through each sticker, cutting it out along the dotted lines, licking its back and gluing it to its spot on the three-sided game board. It reminds me of childhood and all the sticker books I used to collect. I like the feeling of working for a prize, especially when there are fifty thou for grabs! I attach the rest of the stickers to the board with my saliva (old school!) and tell my boyfriend all about our wonderful prospects of winning!

After I attach the game board to the refrigerator, I notice I have two stickers I can mail in with some personal information in order to be entered in a drawing to win another cash prize. I quickly reach for a 3×5 notecard and complete all the necessary steps. After I put the card in an addressed enveloped, I close the top with eyes closed, wishing for the Universe to let me win because wouldn’t it be nice to have so much money you wouldn’t have to worry about spending 65 dollars on two bags of groceries for two nights of dinners?

In these times, I am amazed by my hope and positive view of a world where I could be a winner selected out of thousands.  It surprises me sometimes, this naive side of me that often springs out of nowhere. Yet it also thrills me to know that, no matter how much logic I’m told to stuff in my brain, there’s still a childish hope and faith in destiny inside of me that will never go away.

At least not until I am able to participate in sweepstakes!

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