Hello, Nice to Meet Ya

Say hello to the side of me that comes from behind the shadows and speaks only in truths. Somewhere from within the fog she emerges, looking frail and sincere, she stands with everything to lose and still much more to gain. I can almost hear the words she’s been too afraid to say, flying out of her mouth carried on the wings of butterflies, the darlings that live one day too many. What is there to fear when so much already hurts? If tears will be spilled, then let them be spilled with the blood of a batlle well fought. She stands ready, confident in her decision, and never once looking back at the love she left behind. Is she the only one to walk away from perfection? Is her weakness found in the fact that she’ll never choose to settle? I never thought she’d pick a single silence over empty smiles and comformed howdoyoudo’s. But look, she’s ready and rising from an empty room where she’s been left with nothing but promises of better days and nights aheads, promises of feelings that will never come, passion that will never go over all the lines he’s drawn around himself. With a tilt of her head, she smiles half-heartedly and just manages to whisper: “hello, nice to meet ya” before she’s off again, running after another dream, another sunset in a color she hasn’t yet seen, another honest smile and soul who will understand that sometimes, almost every, love just isn’t enough.

Categories Poetry

1 thought on “Hello, Nice to Meet Ya

  1. Loved it!

    Speciallly the last lines…


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