The sun melted like hot wax over the ocean

and the beautiful peach and pink glow that blended together over the horizon

reminded me of a satisfying orgasm shared between two lovers at the end of a long night of slow and passionate sex

The birds dove for their preys

and the waves, with each break, danced like an elegant but ferocious ballerina

for no one except the three individuals sitting up at the first hill of sand in front of that hypnotizing sea,

who happened to somehow have stumbled upon a scenery reserved just for them,

The little adventurers

who traveled all the way from that first grain of sand on the steps of the beach house made of wood and magic,

now filled with laughter and love

The sun melted away the day

but the night brought with it neon rain, techno ninjas,

and a sky with so many stars I could no longer keep count.

Either way, I didn’t need to know just many many stars filled the sky

but only that they were there, cold and bright, shining down on me,

perhaps counting the humans down on Earth

If it was cold, only my little toes felt it

Inside me, there were a million fluttering butterflies

and the same blend of pink and peach blush earlier painted across the sky

now shot accross my heart like a million falling stars.

Between Sand and Sea

He stood naked between sand and sea, arms extended out in the shape of a cross while the wind threw the few hairs left on his head back and forth. I couldn’t see his face, but I imagined his eyes closed, his mouth parted and shaped in a slight smile as he exhaled all the frustrations of his life in one big breath. I let out a quick, quiet little laugh that could be mistaken for a sense of my own superiority. But down below my still ringing vocal chords was a burning desire to become that man; to wear nothing but the wind on my skin as God intended and leave all that weighed me down on that spot in the sand.