Honesty. Honestly.

Thinking more than speaking these days

And when so moved by words,

so many rush out at once

I’m afraid I may just come on a bit too strong;

a bit too weak;

a bit too much of everything one is not supposed to be.


But if you ask me

I’ll tell you the truth:

I have nothing figured out yet.

And maybe that’s my biggest flaw: brutal honesty



My new job is to be silent,

to be still,

and to try and understand the lessons life is trying to teach;

Oh, but how I wish I was smarter!

Oh, but how I wish I could tell you that I’m better,

That I know where I’m headed,

that the love we shared is still here, burning within me…



and the day after,

and for the next few weeks

I’m walking straight into the ocean

And I’m leaving all my troubles behind

As prey for stronger, more agile animals who could surely handle my misfortunes much better than I.



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