Brokenhearted Pedestrian

I wrote this in my head

as I walked along the beach today

Shedding a tear with each step,

While trying to pretend to passersby that I’m ok

“Just another brokenhearted pedestrian,”

I almost heard them say

I’m sorry

that I couldn’t follow your instructions,

that I needed you to make me smile

I’m sorry

that I was too weak, too poor, too demanding

that I cried in front of you,

that I let you see that other side of me

the one that’s not sexy or happy

I’m sorry

that I needed you to stand by me,

that my life got so messy

I’m sorry

that I couldn’t fix our love,

that I couldn’t hold on,

that I walked away from the pieces left of us.

I’m sorry

that I made you my strength

that I made of you a home

that I found shelter in your arms

And I’m sorry now that you’re alone,

that our love just wasn’t enough.

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