Writing in my head.


In bed, spilling tears

While now and then mouthing “thanks”

Because of all the bad things I am,

grateful isn’t one of them.


Do you ever put off facing your feelings?

Alone in the dark I wonder

Is someone else’s world falling apart under the covers tonight?

And if so, we must meet

So we can both not be alone.

Not tonight.

Not again.


A snack, a sigh of pleasure,

an earplug to keep out the sounds from this music house

Then finally… sleep

But what’s it worth to me

if even if my dreams, I’m losing you.


Retiring some songs,

all those that made me think of you.

Retiring my heart too while I’m at it,

Locking it and hiding the key

So I won’t hurt any longer,

So you won’t be able to hurt me.



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1 thought on “Again

  1. I read you AP, i read you


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