It was snowing the day you gave up on me

I never expected you to stay forever,

I just needed you to say you wouldn’t leave me here,

Not like this.

We’re both selfish,

Too hasty to drop everything

I’m not sure what I need

But I know it’s not tears on a Saturday morning,

I know it’s not this feeling of helplessness growing inside of me.

I can’t even look at you lately-

You just see me as someone you need to fix, to save

Oh, you and your logic form the perfect pair.

You’re so good at making me feel bad

Outside the snow is piling up

I’m surrounded without a weapon,

As you clutch to yours

If you love me, you’d release me

Not hold your good graces against me

It hurts me so

To see you use love as a weapon

wounded, I run from the comfort of you

and face the cold snow and my tears


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2 thoughts on “Wounded

  1. wow this is incredible


    1. Thanks, I appreciate that. I love your writing as well, powerful stuff!


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