A lover

A friend

Someone I can bury my head into at the end of one of those hard, long days

Someone to hold me

Someone to hold

The part of me I didn’t think I had been missing

Someone to turn on the ligtht inside me

And teach me how to deal with the dark.

A man

A kindred spirit

A loving soul

Who’ll dance with me on top of his feet when there’s no music playing

On the streets,

In the bathroom,

Oh, I just want someone who’ll make the mundane unforgettable.


2 thoughts on “Someone

    • A character,
      A companion,
      Someone that can run their fingernails through my hair
      And down my neck,
      And whisper that even when I’m tired,
      And dark, they would still rather be near me
      Than anywhere else.
      A woman who can stand her ground,
      Hold her own,
      And still admit that she gets scared.
      Who will dance on my feet,
      And who smells like
      The ocean,
      Sun kissed, and happy.
      We all just want someone who will make the mundane unforgettable.

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