Get It

Tell me

Could you get to be the thing I rush home to be with?

My candlelit nights with Mary Jane and Drake

And a pen and paper,

naked with my thoughts


Would you flicker enough to hold my attention

Or would I find myself bored by the constant pattern of your shining light?

It’s never easy to love

But there are easier people to love,

than me


then, me?

Your hearbeat,

Would it sync to mine?

Your thoughts,

Could I get inside?

If you wanted to, you’d be there

The depths of my soul, my innermost ghosts

My lungs and on my breath

on my breasts

engraved on my heart,

forever mine and you forever my

Your hand, could I fit inside?

Would you clench to me like an object,

or write with my body your  most beautiful work?

The hope in a blank piece of paper

Is a possibility of the new

And I’d like to feel you down under my skin,

Like a constant bass

buzzing on my body

You’d make it impossible to forget you

And you’d get me enough to know I would at least try

You’d get me because you never got me

So let’s get together

and get it.


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