Here, inside my heart
Is a song
It’s full of whistles and drums
And happy voices singing in my native tongue
“Lalalalaia Lalalaiaaa.. ”

These mountains are beautiful
But they don’t feel like home


I miss my ocean breeze
And the joy of having hot sand between the toes of my feet
I miss the smells and sounds of
My Brasil
My mother’s lap
My dad’s tight morning hugs
And seeing the sun rise each morning
Straight out of the ocean
As if gently emerging from its bath

I know I could live anywhere

The problem is,
I no longer belong


Citizen of the world
I no longer belong
even to me.





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1 thought on “Belong

  1. Ughhhh… this reminds me of home. You are so awesome w your writing. I tried to email you. We should get together for Coffee beautiful.


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