A cold hard stare
At her reflection on the bus’ window
And I swear,
Sometimes I don’t know who she is

I make her give me a half smile
So the corners of her mouth don’t curve downwards
As they naturally do,
So she doesn’t look as if she’s frowning to the world-
Her brother once told her that
And she’s been smirking and half smiling since
All because she believes
In always presenting your best.

When they see her,
She wants them to see her smiling

Perhaps then
They won’t catch a glimpse of
The fragile creature
The sensitive soul
She hides inside
As she dies inside

Who are you?
I keep staring at her as I ask


I don’t even recognize my own reflection

Feeling my tired eyes
My tired heart
I see her sitting there,
Staring back at me
Perfect on the outside
Half-smiling as if everything is alright
And I’m almost convinced it is;
One look at her
And you’d believe it too.





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