Make Believe

Making believe
I don’t need you here
Merely to see your chest rise and fall
As I wrap my legs around you
And begin counting your breaths

Playing pretend
As if I don’t need your words
Flashing from this shattered screen
In order to make me feel whole
I need you
Even if your virtual self is all I can get
A line or two
Nothing special
Like a dog begging for scraps
Anything I can get
Just so I know
You’re thinking of me,

So won’t you
Please darling
Send me a signal
Can’t you
Please darling
Make me feel
As if I’m worth
Replying to
As if I’m not just sitting here
Wasting time
Writing to ghosts

Because maybe it’s time
I stop playing my games
But I won’t
I can’t
Unless you put your weapon down
And make me feel


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