Rooftop Crowd

I welcomed the shining rays of the sun
Undressing myself so the breeze could caress my body,
Whisper in my ear
Take away my fears
Until the light surrounding me
Turned my body golden
My hair lighter
And made me feel like me-
Barefeet beach town girl
Wet wavy hair, undone
Innocent and bare

In the air I could hear
What sounded like an army of voices
Low pitched and high,
foreign sometimes
Mixing with remakes of songs that were never cool
And now, suddenly hip
Playing in this rooftop pool
For this too-cool-to-care-to-be-cool crowd
And in my mountain town,
With my market and bus rides
I had almost forgotten
That somehow,
By some miracle of God
Or cruel act of life,
I belong here with this crowd
In this town
of angels and devils alike.


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