Pinot Grigio

Fill this plastic cup to the top
Pinot Grigio
Tipsy at work
What’s life for,
If you don’t have a little fun?

Sometimes rated R
No filter in my mouth
“Keep away from children”
I should’ve come with a label
I’m rocking my 20s
Don’t kill my vibe

Chasing the glow
Elusive creature
Bet you can’t catch me
But I’ll let you try
Yes, mister

Sylvan Esso in the stereo
Because I’m cool too
Wanting to wrap myself around you,
My sexiest blanket
If there ever was one
But the daily grind keeps you away
Thinking you need some more of me today to meet your daily quota of fun
Here baby, sip from my plastic cup
Pinot Grigio
No snakes in my hair but I’ll seduce ya
Devil in disguise
But I won’t fool ya
You get what you see
And what you get
is all of me.


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