Back in May

One evening in May, I sat watching time go by in my favorite bus seat- the one towards the back of the bus between a window and the back door, so I never feel like I’m missing anything.

That day, back in May, my head wished for you and my heart longed right along. I didn’t know your name and I couldn’t see your face, but I knew who you were- kind, gentle but fun, honest and strong, a shining beam of light  to infiltrate my life suddenly, inundate every part of my being so that the me I knew then would never quite be the same me again.

Back in May, I didn’t know I’d have you today. So I sat and thought of you, feeling my heart missing someone I felt like I knew.

It’s no surprise then, that I feel the way I do about you today.

For you see, I’ve known you since way back in May. 


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