The best one I ever had

My cuddle bug

You’d walk into my room just to give me a kiss

No words said

You never needed them

and neither did I;

Oh, those small gifts of love you always gave!

I would try to reciprocate

with baked goods and movie nights

and turning mundane things like flossing at bedtime into a party

Because you were a child then

and though not by years,

so was I

So am I, still.


Maybe you weren’t planned,

But you were everything we ever needed in our racuous crazy family

A breath of silence and understanding

That hug that lingers just enough to let us know that we’re all going to be alright.

Yes, you read our hearts and mind

and now no doctors can read yours

But baby brother, I can’t stand to lose you

without losing myself. 

So place your arms aroud life’s neck like you did with ours

And hold on until everything is alright again

Because it will be

Everything is

As long as your arms are wrapped around it, hanging tight. 




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