Sleeping Lion

Devil eyes

Devil lips

You make me miss my street

Think you can just come back and barge in

No darling,

I’m a stronger woman than the one you knew back then

I may still run away

But it’s by choice this time

I’ve got a voice

that’s grown from whispers of stay

And you may be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

But you forget that beneath my fragile heart

lies a sleeping lion

Poor you, you’ve awaken my wrath

So go on and play predator,

I just won’t stand here and become your prey

Not today

Not again


So devour me with your eyes all you will

And lick your lips when I pass by

Anticipating your pounce as you smell my scent

Enjoy it, darling

Please do, my wolf

Because desiring is all you’ll get tonight.

On my way back to my lair to lay myself down in peace

Content in knowing that what I used to want

I no longer desire for at all;

Because today’s the day when wolves fall prey to lions; 

When the prey becomes predator;

When I’m strong enough to walk away from your empty words and advances

And promises of  love that will never fully awaken.


So if I stand beside you

Just know dear

That among the wolves

Lies a sleeping lion. 

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