I thought I had found my spot

but in the nook between your shoulder and neck

is where my head belongs

So I close my eyes and inhale your scent

Deeply, so I can feel  you inside me again

You smell like you

I like that

With your small town charm and strong arms

I look at you in disbelief most times

As I realize, all the way over here from my airplane seat,

That God  really was listening to me, after all



Yes Darling, lovesick

Don’t need any medicine for it either

Oh no, I want to drown in this

To die like this

In the nook between your shoulder and neck,

During the silent touches exchanged between us

The calm after the storm,

The caresses I give you  to make up for all the scratches and scars

Yes, I got my claws

But I also have a heart

And when you lay there and call me “you” with those eyes

Those are the moments I wait for in life

And I never knew it before, but I do now

So I’ve been living for the moments when, if even for a second, I forget who I am, who you are, and we enter another dimension together, as if in a brand new life;

as if a world of opportunity just opened up before us;

and the only ones who share this secret are you and I-

I wait for these moments,

when I both lose and find myself in you

In this,

In us,

In Omaha.


Small town boy

You’ve given me the world

Least I can do

is bring you with me to the stars.








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