‘Til Something Better Comes Along

“How long will you be doing this for?” The man asked the other.
“Until something better comes along,” the worker answered, adding “and then I’ll do that” in an attempt to give more purpose to his vague response.

The conversation kept playing in her mind. It had been two days now since she had witnessed this encounter and she couldn’t quite figure out what bothered her about it.

On one side, wouldn’t it be great to not overthink life? Better or worse opportunities is something subjective. Who are we to believe we deserve to have better than others? Plumbers and lawyers- we are all the same. Inside, there’s a heart and a brain, a soul, a mind, a spirit; a kind of human that tries to be kind; That fights the daily battle of alarm clocks and mailboxes with bills; of running out of coffee or milk; of putting shirts on inside out, and losing socks to dryers, the mystery that’ll never be solved. Never.

Outside in the patio, sitting on a picnic blanket accompanied by a bottle of wine and nothing else, she looked up at the sky and noticed the leaves’ contrast against the expansive blue. They were mostly still green, but Autumn had already begun to tease her in shades of orange and yellow.


Everyone expected her to have a plan. That’s what bothered her about the man’s exchange- people’s love of hearing about plans; their fascination with concrete details and dates.
People liked to make plans.
Worse, people liked to hear all about them, too.

But they never asked her: “what are your dreams? Do you like to sing? What do you enjoy about being alive?” Or “have you seen the moon today?”

She didn’t live in numbers. She lived in days, in songs, in words, in beauty, in wildflowers and plains, in sunrises and hummingbird sightings.

To live life today and make time to waste time was enough for her. At least these days. And like that man, that’s exactly what she would do.
At least until something better came along.


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