lessons from death

You must find excuses to laugh, to kiss, and to tell the people in your life that you love them- on holidays, birthdays, and on ordinary days; especially on the ordinary days, for they can be the hardest of all.

And while you are busy loving everybody else, don’t forget to also love yourself because you are your own greatest love. Treat yourself to long baths and light the expensive candles you keep saving for the right time- wear lingerie alone, use the nice china, buy yourself flowers, cook yourself a nice dinner, pleasure yourself, tell yourself you’re beautiful when you look in the mirror. And start believing it.

Dance when you feel like it. With music or without, with a warm body or alone. Get lost searching the corners of your mind; watching the sunset; in conversations with yourself… and learn to cry- even if you don’t know the reason for your tears. Your heart is smarter than your head. Trust it.

But above all, be fearless. The worst that could happen is death and that will come sooner or later anyway, whether you are ready or not. So live. Really live, as if you are a young bird that just discovered flight. Don’t just stay comfortable– fucking dive into the beautiful mess of life because death is right on the other side and we have all the time in the world to be dead.

So live. Really live. Past your fears and others’ ideas of what your life should be like.


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