like magic

you hold me by the hand

and I don’t pull away

because you seem

like magic

and smell like forest and


but darling don’t forget that I

am the ocean

let me carry



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2 thoughts on “like magic

  1. to tell you of the ocean
    where my body comes to rest
    and sink
    deep in crevices of coral
    and trenches of the west

    hidden in coves
    and shadows
    spread across the sea
    an endless floor
    beneath your feet

    I am
    mixed with
    salt and sand,
    made from pieces
    refined, by the tide

    a child of the sea
    bleached and washed away
    by an ocean
    of which you speak


    1. But are these your words
      or mine to keep?
      kiss me as you speak
      and make of me your
      pool tide


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