One day you wake up and you just find it there, as if it were sitting on a chair beside the bed, just waiting for you to rise so it can slip into your ear the words you had to live years to hear:

You don’t need to give so much of yourself to others, you know? There’s not ever enough you left for you.

There’s not enough me left for me,” you say to yourself. It is the wisest whisper you never knew you had been waiting for. Better even than the shiny ones he shared with you in bed that morning, when the blinds were shut past midday because even the sun couldn’t pull you two apart back then. That chemistry was the culprit, the rascal that did you in, that made you cave and give too much of yourself away, much too soon again. And worst of all, without him deserving it.

Because you are the most precious gift.

Listen to that whisper.

Love yourself enough to keep plenty of you left for you.

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