life is funny that way

I promise to love you for exactly who you are

all your nooks and crannies,

all the white lies you’ll say to spare me,

and even the darkness you carry in your heart

for without it there would’ve never been light

and we wouldn’t have met

because the darkness I used to have

I know you once had it, too.

the power of words

how many crazy dreams

I’ve shared with a pen and paper,

how many ideas and plans have seen

perfectly blank pages,

how many loves I invented,

how many ghosts I have chased away

with the stroke of my pen

how many dead I have risen,

how many different lives I have lived,

how many hearts I have broken,

how many lies I have told myself to believe,

how many tears I caused, but also joy

because words become feelings

when feelings won’t do

but today I write love into life

and hope in the darkness

because that’s what a writer can do.