Will & Testament

It only feels right

for my will be to be birthed in poetry form.

I lived life so enchanted by beauty

it should not be surprising that it’d be no different

with death and I.

To begin my bequeaths, to my Mother

I leave


which I know she still needs,

and a heart filled with gratitude

for the unselfish hands

that always cared for me.

To my friends I bequeath

all the light

I worked hard to find in this lifetime

and as many perfect

beach days as they can fit in.

To them I leave the sunshine and balmy Summer nights

with a big bright moon hanging in the sky

and beautiful music playing nearby,

the perfect breeze swaying the leaves of tall trees back and forth

and of course a cold beverage

to wash all that magic down with.

To my sister I gift

courage to live the life

she always wanted to

but never felt she could

for some reason or the other.

And to my niece and nephew I bequeath

my favorite ritual:

no-pants Sunday and cereal with cartoons

for breakfast.

I pray you hold on tight to the child you are now

and keep them happy and safe

through long and prosperous lives.

To my brothers I give

all my board games-

remember life is a game of chance

and keep playing for me.

To my father I give my deepest regrets

that we could never get beyond

the monthly phone calls

and settled for calling that

a relationship.

It always felt so hard to open my heart to you. You always felt distant and familiar, just like the God you devoted your life to.

I wish I could say I was sorry for being a sinner in your eyes but that’s the thing about you and I-

we just have different definitions

for the same words.

how to reconcile vocabulary?


To my partner

I bequeath slow dances in the kitchen,

my head on your chest,

my small hands enveloped in yours,

my hot breath on the nape of your neck,

my lips pushing out just enough air

to quietly sing to you the words of the

song surrounding us, most likely

in a language

you don’t even speak.

I leave you my velvet voice, the crease of my hips,

the sassy comebacks

and slurping fingertips,

and gift you the forest floors we roamed

and the tree houses

I hope we got the chance to build.


To you I leave my heart and the rest of all the love

I wish I had more time to give.

Don’t waste it.

It’s been precious to me.


Give all the rest

to anyone

as  you see fit.







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