making plans for breakfast after we’ve been lounging in bed for a few hours

kisses have been shared and fingertips have explored

earlobes and back of necks and the curve of the spine

we have discussed deal-breakers

almost as if to confirm to the other

how perfect it is for the two of us

to be together,

we have discussed how odd it is

for life to be made up of numerous

seemingly random choices and events,

what I suppose most people would call fate.


Then he gets out of bed and opens the blinds to let the light in

and I open the door and find in front of me

a brand new beginning.

the best me I’ve been

I like the version of me I’m becoming

she seems to be more me than

all the me’s in the past


I like the fire in her belly

and power in her voice

I like that she sets boundaries

and is fiercely independent and

thirsty for all the magic in life


I like the me I get to be now

after leaving so many parts of me

in the past.