my heart is so needy

Lately my heart has been needing more attention

it’s been beating more eratically

turning my breath shallow as my lungs

beg for rest

I think it’s just upset that I don’t know

what’s next-

how can it beat steadily amidst all the uncertainty?

My mind won’t let it and I know

it’s getting tiring.

Lately I’ve been sitting with my right hand over it

as if to assure it that no matter how turbulent everything inside me feels

I’m here to help carry it through to the other side

of the storm of thoughts in my head.

My heart doesn’t seem to understand like my mind would

but it listens.

It appreciates the comfort and warmth brought by the weight of my hand, but most of all

I think it likes the company.

Slowly my heart and I settle into peace together

me leading the way through my breath and my heart following closely behind

as it evens out its tempo

beat by beat

breath by breath

together we survive another anxious wave of thoughts

that try to tear us apart from one another.

I’m committed to my heart.

I have promised it to listen-

even if the words that it speaks when it tells me what it needs

cuts deep and brings tears to my eyes.

Some days it seems that the only medicine

my heart will drink in

is a good



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