Om Mani Padme Hum

Transformation comes in waves.

This is why sometimes you’re able to avoid it completely, jump over the struggles in order to enjoy one more day out at sea, or even swim underneath it- pretend you didn’t see it, didn’t even know it existed.

Eventually though the wave will hit you straight on.

And when it does, it will spin you under its strength over and over again, depriving you of oxygen, of peace, of the false perception of safety and control you inherited from the earth, of stability, of light and clarity… You’ll lose all sense of direction and have to suspend your purpose as transformation ties you up in knots with all its force.

That’s what change is.

It makes you feel as if you will die.

And in a lot of ways, you will. Because as scary as a crashing wave of transformation is, it forces you back to the shore of who you are and leaves the rest behind. It brings you to your center and baptizes you into your higher self.

Afterwards you’ll stand tall at the edge of the sea as the you who you were always meant to be and you’ll understand:

We grow in darkness and learn to expand

in all the tight spaces

in between.

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