where is my reset button?

I’m tired of giving and not receiving,

tired of instability and unsaid words.

I’m tired that when words are said

they speak only of excuses.

I’m tired of waiting, tired of wondering if one day

someone will choose me.

I’m tired of staying the same, of feeling unsafe, of gifting half words

to conceal the entire truth of who I am.

I’m tired of love going wrong, tired of settling to be friends when

what I want is


I’m tired of waiting for the right person to arrive when so many of the wrong ones have deserted me.

I’m tired of letting my guard down, tired of saying “I love you”

instead of “fuck you” and

“I’m sorry” instead of “you don’t deserve me.”

I’m tired of endless talks and

I’m tired of


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4 thoughts on “where is my reset button?

  1. i could relate to this. hopefully someday, i guess.

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    1. Absolutely- I’m not tired of hoping yet 😌


      1. i guess, this is where it begins! i hope you meet someone lovely soon!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you, I’m sure we both will ❤️

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