for when you’re heartbroken again

Let me help you out-

when you feel small and ask the silence

to remind you of who you are

when your mind replays the good memories

don’t forget to also remember the fact that

he never planned to stay.

He never wanted to build a home with you.

He just wanted all your love

which you so graciously served on a silver platter

because that’s the beautiful person

you are.

He wanted your light

so you turned the spotlight his way.

He wanted romance and you gave him


Your love is selfless.

You are magic.

Stop wasting time and energy

crying over someone who used you up

just until they decided a different way to be happy

would certainly be better.

Stop wasting time and energy

wishing for someone to return when they couldn’t even offer you

a proper goodbye.

Let me help you out-

when you take a walk down memory lane

stop romanticizing the past

and accept it for the lessons it brought.

Let me help you out-

when you think of the love

don’t forget to remember

the pain of loss.

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