Summer starts to fade into Autumn

its already languid, slithering melody

slowing down to


I am water and I am fire

but I don’t have enough earth within

to blissfully and peacefully transition

into the sleepy impermanence of Fall-

Every year, around this same time,

as Summer and Autumn dance their last dance with one another

(and before Winter rudely cuts in)

I’m either in flames, shooting across the sky like the last firework

saved from the Fourth of July, or

I’m still submerged in the deep healing waters of Summer

waiting to be baptized into a transformative Autumn

and shed all my past skin.

There’s no in-between.

Summer starts to fade into Autumn,

the Earth starts to lean towards darkness and away from the sun

and I wonder what I will harvest

after months spent sowing seeds of hope

into soil soaked in sorrow.

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