picture frames

After so many losses I settle into connection slowly-

dipping my toes in the waters of love one at a time,

as if it could start boiling at any point

and burn me again.

Still I undress my soul and walk towards the water

even if my mind’s request to once more trust happiness

that flows from hands that are not my own

makes my heart feel unsettled

but settled or not, I give every ounce of love I got

in an effort to forget the times when I barely had a breath left in me to gift,

the times when I had to hide all the pictures in boxes because the sight of them

made me crumble under the weight of the sadness of what used-to-be,

the times when all this love had no place to go so I kept it inside-

look how it pours out of me now.

I put up the pictures of the two of us

and I want time to freeze

so I can stay happy like this


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