the year of giant mirrors

2020 was the year of giant mirrors.

Life as we knew it burned into ashes, and as it did so, it was received by the water of our souls and reflected back to us many things we did not feel comfortable addressing within ourselves.

Too bad, it was time, said 2020.

Life simultaneously began to move at a dizzying speed and crawled to a halt. We had to learn to hold death and regeneration, sadness and joy, confinement and freedom, fear of the present and gratitude for the past. We struggled to create space for what needed to stay and let go of what was toxic, but comfortable. When others didn’t show up for us, we had to learn how to show up for ourselves.

Collectively, we felt unprecedented levels of grief and anxiety. Knowing life could change so much and so suddenly, the emotional body of society instinctually braced itself for anything that could lie ahead. Collectively we entered survival mode and froze in high-alert. But the high voltage and electricity of this energy also helped many discover or reignite their inner flame. It helped lead purposefully wandering vagabonds to their life purpose, and shined a bright light on the truth that all humans have in common:

Life is a sacred gift. We must not waste it.

2020 may not have been the year we wanted, but it was the year we needed.

We became skilled at overcoming obstacles with grounded strength and grace. We learned to dance in our solitude and invest in ourselves.

And now here we are – shedding 2020 and slipping into a new year in our beautiful and resilient new skin. We made it.


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