existential questions

I have been getting intimate with the voice of my intuition

searching what it offers me with open curiosity

and interest.

I have been trusting that I know more than I think

and that no hands could be kinder to me

than my own.

I have been exploring the never ending Universe inside

looking at the brightest star in my mind’s eye

and thinking of how one day it will die;

remembering they, too

have destinies of their own;

they, too are in search of answers they cannot find

amidst all the blinding light.

In the end we return to where we started

revert bones to dust as our fears and hopes

seep into sacred earth and fertilize the next generation

who will also stand perplexed at the absurd vastness of life

and wonder why

instead of accepting that

the question we should be asking is

h o w.


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