do it right or not at all

if you’re going to break my heart

at least don’t be passive about it

dig your fingertips into it,

pierce it with awful words then

leave it there

wounded and sad

hopelessly hanging on

to its very last breath

It’ll hurt, I know

but that much I deserve

when you break my heart

this time around.


just sayin’

Here are two things you need to know about me:

(1) I’m a woman; and

(2) I’m not the type that waits around.

So when you leave, so do I.

Don’t think I’ll stay and wait like some litttle wife.

I have a life

to live.


“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times”

I finally understand that saying now, how life can break you just to remake you- stronger, wiser, aware of the beauty in my own breath and the importance of love.

And still.

The last 365 days without you to share my accomplishments and failures with have been the hardest. I have no regrets of things left unsaid like so many others because my words always belonged to you. And the ones I kept locked away you read in my eyes. But what do I do with my words now?

I wish you were still here so I could tell you how much you changed my life, how your love gave me strength, how I finally learned to see myself with your eyes. But the only thing left to do now is remember, celebrate the years of life you had by drinking your favorite IPA. And it all still doesn’t make any sense. You were once a lover but forever my best friend. You challenged me to be better but loved me at my worst, and among all of the things I still don’t understand are your unwavering faith in me and neverending love. You were my soulmate and I was yours, no matter what, we decided. You made me angry, you disappointed me at times, and you were awful with directions and going to bed instead of falling asleep on the couch. And yet. The mornings when you brought me coffee in bed and danced with me on top of your feet in the kitchen and hid from the world underneath piles of blankets in our own grown-up fort and held me close to your heart the first time I let you see me cry and told me it would all be alright… THAT’S what I remember when I think of you now.

I remember you and I remember love.

But I still hate the fact that all I can do is remember. All I can do now is sit here, drinking your favorite beer and writing honest words you’ll never read.

365 days later and I still feel everything.


30 days

Shadows dance across my ceiling

I’m alone

except for his scent

still lingering on my sheets

baby powder and testosterone

thirty days later

I give in to the sweetest sin

because he already knows

my weakness is his tongue

warm on my skin

his arms, strong

hold me together after all the pleasure

and his lips, flushed and swollen from my teeth,

whisper You’re beautiful in my ear-

This is the way I forget about

all the things you decided not to give me, dear.

and with his words I push away

any leftover traces

of you.