30 days

Shadows dance across my ceiling

I’m alone

except for his scent

still lingering on my sheets

baby powder and testosterone

thirty days later

I give in to the sweetest sin

because he already knows

my weakness is his tongue

warm on my skin

his arms, strong

hold me together after all the pleasure

and his lips, flushed and swollen from my teeth,

whisper You’re beautiful in my ear-

This is the way I forget about

all the things you decided not to give me, dear.

and with his words I push away

any leftover traces

of you.


Some days 

I still wish I could 

see myself through your eyes,

even if just once more

It’s not enough 

to know that once upon a time 

you loved me 

as much as you would ever love


and the photographs that once spoke a thousand words

hide away quietly in boxes

waiting for the day 

when the memory of your face

won’t make me

crumble inside.