Would You?

Been wanting to write

but the subject is always the same lately-


That smile and eyes and mouth and lips and arms and hands and strength and embrace that makes me feel so small; so cared for.

I’d like to write about the sky, the mountains of this town, the falling leaves and autumn sun..  but they don’t compare to the feelings you stir up inside of me

so I run away sometimes, afraid of this

Afraid of being too available that you stop chasing me-

Don’t want to keep running

but if I stay put,

Would you stay with me?

Elusive creatures are attractive for a reason

If you think you can have me,

Would you still want me?


Going back in time through song

One of my favorite things about music (and there are many) is its power take me back to a specific time and place in the past.

I was looking through some of my ancient Brazilian music on my Itunes today and I was bombarded by memories. Below is a selection of my all time favorite tunes that always transport me to my barefeet & carefree days growing up in Brazil.

Skank “Me Sinto Só” 

Daniela Mercury “Nobre Vagabundo”

Banda Magnificos “Me Usa”

This last one in particular makes me laugh a lot. All I remember is me, my sister, and our two best friends singing it at the top of our lungs, doing gestures for added drama. The song basically says “If you love me, take me to bed, light up the flame of love and desire. Our bodies glued together, sweaty from pleasure…” Completely inappropriate lyrics for kids our age, and thus very Brazilian.

Só Pra Contrariar “Domingo”

Cassia Eller “Malandragem”

Opening to Vamp, my favorite soap opera in 1991

I wasn’t allowed to watch it  because it was pretty racy and had vampires as characters, but I did anyways when my parents weren’t home. What a rebellious 6 year old I was.

And I’ll digress with one of my still all-time favorite songs: Kid Abelha “Casinha de Sapê”

“Throw your hands to the sky and be grateful if you have someone who you would like to always have around you- in the street, in the rain, in a ranch, or in a little hut.”