be more tree & less afraid

the trees don’t bow to the wind
out of fear but
for the force that’s helping them
shed years worth of
bad weather and
insufficient rain.



“Have you written anything about me?” he asked
and from behind him I heard
a chorus of all my past lovers,
their voices echoing his question,
curious to know how much claim they once had on my heart,
how many letters I strung together to gift them with
but never what remained when they left,
never how many chances I gave,
never a sorry for using me to feed their ego,
never any words
gifted back
to me.

What type of warrior are you?

Another dagger in the heart

You’d think by now that 

I’d have learned how 

to use my shield,

how to wield my sword…

Guess I’m just not

the type of warrior 

who fights off love. 


I’ve been waking with the world lately
been watching the sun rise so I can hear its truth clearly:
Each new day is a chance to start fresh.
You don’t have to stay in the past.
That’s done.
It’s gone.
And life is wonderful if you
would just let it be
and learn to laugh a little bit

Turns out the Universe has a sense of humor.

I know you would prefer silence over the words
you need to hear now:
No one else put up those walls or
locked the shackles tight around your heart
but you.

And you were right to.
We always have reasons and
excuses for our brokenness.

But we also hold the glue to
put ourselves together, we also have the
choice to move past the pain that shattered us.
We don’t have to stay sad, we don’t have to
make a home out of darkness.

If you would just hope, trust, and let go…
That’s the secret glue, that’s the key to the door
that holds your new beginning.
jump in, eyes closed,
mouth screaming like when you came out of your mother’s womb
if you must
but don’t let Spring pass by because you’ve grown
accustomed to the cold.

Go for the fresh start,
the new beginning,
go harvest the crop that sprouted
from all the seeds you planted
with your tears,
go back to feeling like the person you once used to be.



Maybe you barely even remember
the person you were before death,
the person you were before the pain of heartbreak,
the person you were before grief,
but I promise they’re still there,
just begging for you to let them out

If you would only listen.

If you would only let go

happiness will come.


We’re smaller than ants
in the grand scheme of things
and yet.
here we are, pretending we
have forever to enjoy another sunset,
still wishing for the days we had
when there’s still so much ahead.

When the future comes knocking, answer it.

There’s nothing left in the past
for you to keep now.

Let it go.

Trust that love will come again
just like it did then.