A day in the Fall

clouds float by and dissipate

one into the other

almost bare branches

hold on to dead leaves

as if they have forgotten

the promise of Spring

change is necessary

I want to remind them

to reach out and shake off all those leaves

and watch them fall to the ground,

one by one kissing their final resting place


but I’m not Father Time

and it’s beyond my power to force transformation

on trees and people and my heart

if all are not ready yet


So I sit and watch clouds dissipate

one into the other

leaving a faint trace of themselves behind

before taking on a new shape and

embarking on a new path.



first date

“Water is essential for hydration,” he said in between small sips.

I knew I liked him then.

I had never seen anyone talk about water for so long on a first date before. And even if I never got to love him after that, at least I loved him then; in that brief moment, that short circuit in the Universe on just another ordinary Friday in the Fall.


Lemon haze and this creek
The sun’s heat on my naked skin
My limbs on the breathing earth
The cool breeze
a tease of the winter that’s to come.

Hush hush now,
Be who you be and worry not
about the “aren’ts”
The leaves whisper the name they’ve given me, and
With my head and body leaned against an old, wise tree
I sit
And I am still,