Siren call

She called to me in my dreams, kiss me she asked

And I did, because our souls somehow found each other in this crazy world and there is no time to be afraid

Not anymore

She made me question all my notions, spill all my secrets and tears as if it was ok-

I was safe.

Are you my twin flame? I wanted to ask

but decided to settle for dear friend instead.

My Favorite Morning Kiss

Got you on my skin
Your taste on my tongue
Your breath in my lungs
Your heart, here
keeping time with mine

Our legs wrapped like twine
I’ve got much love left to give
So I watch you sleep
Feel your lips with bruised fingertips
Until I memorize your face
Burn the picture of you on my brain

Darling, it’s amazing
Who you’ve made of me
Who you make me want to be
And how quickly you’re becoming my life’s melody;
My favorite morning kiss.